How My Man Does Laundry

Me: “Hey Galen, can I bring my laundry when I come visit you this weekend so I can do it at your place?”

Galen: “Sure. No problem.”

M: “Okay cool. Do you have detergent? I can bring some if I need to.”

G: “I have detergent.”

M: “Awesome. Do you have dryer sheets?”

G: “No.”

M: “Okay.”

G: “Are those useful?”



Filed under Boys are Dumb, Girls are Crazy

4 responses to “How My Man Does Laundry

  1. KVV

    Men rule! Gurlz drool!

    /says the guy who didn’t know what fabric softner was until he moved in with Jen

  2. Arthur believes soap/detergent is overrated…..

    yes. true.

  3. I don’t use dryer sheets and I’m WAY more high maintenance than Galen.

  4. Ditto with the bf! I have since educated him about the glory of dryer sheets, do not fear.

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