Syracuse? Kansas? I’m rooting for Nojay Nimpson.

I am in three March Madness basketball pools this year.  As of last Wednesday, I was ranked first in two of them and second in the third.  Then Syracuse lost and suddenly I have no chance of winning anything.  I’m not really bitter – I’m actually glad that all the 1-seeds didn’t make it into the final four like last year.  The past few years have taken the Madness out of the tournament, but I’m glad 2010 brought it back.

Anyway, I have also discovered some other non-sports-related brackets this year that have helped me waste time during the month of March.  First, there was the Cakes vs. Pies competition (Go Ice Cream Cake!).  Then there was the Bracket of Evil (I still can’t believe that Prop 8 and Glenn Beck didn’t make it out of the first round).  But then Galen introduced me to the Name of the Year competition, and I’m hooked.

Here’s the deal.  These guys collect nominations all year long for the Name of the Year.  Then they verify that the nominees were born with that name and didn’t choose it (legal name-changers and nicknames not allowed).   Then they arrange them in a bracket, with each of the four regions named after past winners – Bulltron, Sithole, Dragonwagon and Crotchtangle, and let the competition begin.  Want to know how they seed the names?  Listen to the podcast.

To see a list of past winners, including my faves, Honka Monka and Barkevious Mingo, check out the Names of the Year.

Galen and I spent the weekend in Arizona with his family (photos and stories coming soon!) and he asked his siblings and parents to fill out their own bracket while we were on vacation.  I’ve got mine here… But I was just thinking I’d open it up to all of you.  Who would be in your final four?

Note: The competition has already started.  Go to the Name of the Year Blog homepage to check in on its progress AFTER YOU VOTE on your final four in the comments section.  NO CHEATING!  DAD, I MEAN IT!


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One response to “Syracuse? Kansas? I’m rooting for Nojay Nimpson.

  1. I realized I should have told you my Final Four. I didn’t want to influence anyone’s opinions, but I should have given my readers more credit.

    – Nojay Nimpson

    – God’s Power Offar (although ShaMiracle Johnson was a CLOSE second)

    – Starzan Stipes (kinda reminds me of Salisbury State University)

    – Spartacus Bernstein (narrowly beat Romulus Marino)

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