All the Single Ladies… ONLY

I don’t know what it is about Single Ladies by Beyonce that is so catchy, but it’s a great song. The funniest thing, though, is how many kids I know (or stories about kids I’ve heard or videos about kids I’ve seen) that LOVE to dance to that song. I think that’s why this one makes so much sense.



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6 responses to “All the Single Ladies… ONLY

  1. Brian

    yeah, i cried too when i realized i wasn’t a single lady.

  2. Jen

    ohmiword. one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen! thanks for posting, mego.

    : )

  3. Julia

    This is so sad and hilarious at the same time!

  4. Michelle

    Oh I want to give that little guy a hug! (Although the saddest part is that this dude is driving while filming!)

  5. I think my favorite part is that the blonde girl in the middle is clearly annoyed with the adults for upsetting the kid and ruining her favorite song. The little ones always ruin it for everyone else.

  6. Baahahaha!! I love how the dad tries to take it back. “No, you’re a single lady! You’re a single lady!! You can be a single lady.” That’s fantastic.

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