The Journey of 4.97 Miles Begins with a Single Step

Well, Internet… I did it.

Today I ran an 8k race. See this bridge?

I ran across it. See this one?

Ran across it, too.

Pretty awesome, huh?

The reason I chose this race when I was making my new year’s resolution was because it combined two of my favorite parts of Portland – awesome bridges and delicious craft beer. Needless to say, it’s called “Bridge to Brews.” Basically, the route is from the Widmer brewery (a few blocks from my apartment), over the Freemont/I-405 Bridge, through Northwest Portland and back over the Broadway Bridge to the brewery. Running over the Freemont bridge was especially cool because it’s not pedestrian-accessible normally. They stopped traffic for us!

I had originally decided my goal for today would be to finish the race in under 70 minutes. Then I realized that if I kept the same pace I did in the 5k last month, I should have been able to finish in 65 minutes, so I made that my new goal. The final scores aren’t available online yet, but I’m pretty sure I finished the race in just under an hour. Which means I not only beat my goal, but I held a faster pace this time on a much more difficult (and more uphill!) course.

Galen and Mego

Jess and Mego

Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty good about myself today. My legs are a different story, but hey, it was worth it. There were definitely points during the race when I realized I was actually feeling good. “Enjoying myself” seems a bit strong… But I definitely felt good and didn’t really want to stop for most of the race. Which is exactly what I never thought I would feel. So I consider this a win.

What’s next? I’m hoping to continue running a few times a week, but just for a half hour or so. Then maybe I’ll do a couple 5k’s every year to keep it up. The 8k was a great goal, but I think I’m more of a 5k girl. This has given me SO MUCH respect for my friends who have done marathons, relays and triathlons that put my race to shame. I won’t be signing up for Hood to Coast anytime soon, but I’m happy to have made it to a place where running doesn’t sound like the worst form of punishment possible.

Don’t mess with Montana!



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6 responses to “The Journey of 4.97 Miles Begins with a Single Step

  1. Brian

    Mego, this is AWESOME. Congratulations! I’m sure that was one of the best tasting beers you’ve ever had. Well deserved!

  2. Michelle

    Yay!! Congrats again – I’m so glad we got to hang out after the race :)

  3. bean

    Congrats!! You’re so amazing. You have inspired us Chicagoans to run more too – Abby and I are doing a 5k in June!

  4. Julia

    HOORAY MEGO! (Yes, that’s me shouting). And thanks for making it out to see us last night too!

  5. nicely done!

    Also, I see your header has made some changes. Running and CSS-wrangling? Impressive.

  6. Galen

    Dude, you’re awesome. that is all.

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