Knitting Projects

I recently got back into knitting…

First to knit sweaters for two white teddy bears to give to my baby cousins Molly:

And Eamon:
(Eamon is not actually a teddy bear. I gave his bear to his parents after he’d gone to bed, so I didn’t get a photo of him WITH the bear…)

This was the perfect first project, because it didn’t require unknown sizing. I had the teddy bears in my possession so I could make sure the sweaters fit. Knitting sweaters for the babies themselves would not have been so easy.

For my next project I decided to try out my sizing abilities and make hats for Galen’s niece and nephew:

I took photos of the hats beforehand because I had no idea if they were the right size or if Mateo and Natalia would even like them. When I did give them to the kids, Mateo seemed pretty excited about his hat, but Natalia didn’t seem wild about the idea of someone forcing her to wear something on her head. I didn’t mind at all (nor did I blame her) – I was happy Mateo liked his and VERY pleased that both hats fit.

Anyway, last week when I was visiting them, Mateo wanted to play pirates. Which required his pirate hat:

“Please stop taking pictures of me.”

Not only did it fit… it was useful!

I’ve got a few other projects in the works right now… I’ll probably post ’em on here when they’re done.



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6 responses to “Knitting Projects

  1. Liesl

    Megs, I’m so impressed!! You know, my birthday is coming up, and I could really use a pair of fingerless gloves with mitten flaps to fold over the fingers…

  2. Alayna

    We love the hats! Thanks again for making them for the kids. I’m still so impressed that you got the sizes right without measuring. Amazing!

  3. Amanda

    You are incredible. I would say I know you fairly well and I had no idea you could knit! You are amazing at it! Was it Julia that knit a skull beanie for Alex? You could knit all your friends matching…beanies? Socks? Beer cozies?! The list is endless! Oh oh!!! Matching BBQ Symposium cozies! Ah! Would that be too much work?!

  4. I am so impressed. Nice work you.

  5. Thanks, guys! Liesl – I think that type of mitten is beyond my ability at this point, but I will certainly work up to it! Amanda – Julia’s a much better knitter than I am. But cozies are an interesting idea… :)

  6. tommy the truck

    Nice, Bug.

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