My Life Story in Six Words

I once got an email forward (don’t you love it when people forward you things so you, personally, can delete them?) saying that Ernest Hemingway once wrote a fictional story in six words:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

The email then asked you to write your life story in six words and pass it on. At the time I figured mine would be something like, “I can’t say no to fun.” or “Life is fantastic. I’m loving it.”  I didn’t think about it long before deleting the email.

However, just now, approximately five-to-seven years later, I decided what mine would be:

“I was going to, but then…”



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3 responses to “My Life Story in Six Words

  1. I think that is the perfect 6 words for you. Perhaps I will need to put some time into thinking about this for myself.

    This probably won’t work, or will it….dun dun dun…

    “Oh that’s nice, I had cancer…”

  2. Amy VJ

    “It made sense at the time.” :)

  3. “Dating Catholic girls has some value.”

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