What Does Your Underwear Say?

A friend of mine started a new company called Read Underwear that sells underthings with cool/interesting/funny quotes printed on them.  She’s been having trivia contests on the company’s Facebook page where the winner gets a free “sample.”  I won the other day* and got these awesome undies in the mail.  Dear friends with summer birthdays, sorry for ruining the surprise. (Pete, what size panties do you wear?)



*Q: On the wall in Lisa’s classroom is a poster from Krusty’s literacy campaign, it reads… (fill in the blank)
A (within seconds): “Give a hoot! Read a book!”



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2 responses to “What Does Your Underwear Say?

  1. that is pretty darn nifty. i’ma have to check it out ’cause i would love to own a pair.

  2. They better be wrapped in $20s.

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