Deviled Eggs

As previously stated, I’m not much for cooking. My theory is that I have such low standards when it comes to food that I don’t care enough to put the time and effort into cooking. If I can make a meal that requires preparation and time and enjoy it just as much as a bowl of cereal or a sandwich, why would I go through all that trouble?

My pathetic tastebuds also make it difficult for me to taste things and determine that something needs to be added, or what that something might be. (Pepper? Coriander? Glitter? I don’t know!)

The exceptions to my cooking-phobia seem to be baking and special events. Birthday cupcakes? Potatoes au gratin for a family dinner? Homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving? I’m totally in.

And in the summer I LOVE making deviled eggs. Sunday night was a perfect summer evening, so I decided to try out my aunt Carol’s deviled egg recipe. She makes delicious deviled eggs and I had her send me the recipe last summer. I haven’t had the chance to try them yet (once last summer, after I moved into my new apartment I bought all the ingredients to make them on a Sunday only to get home and discover I didn’t own a saucepan for boiling eggs. Apparently Brian kept that in the divorce.), so I thought I’d give the recipe a test-drive this week. They were AMAZING, so I’ve copied her recipe here for all of you to enjoy, as long as you all refer to it in your recipe books as “Aunt Carol’s Deviled Eggs.” I mean, really. She deserves the credit.

This recipe is for 6 eggs, but obviously easy to multiply. The secret ingredient? Pickle relish!

Hard boil 6 eggs and cut them in half lengthwise.
Whip egg yolks with:
1/4 cup mayo
3 tsp or so mustard
1/8 tsp salt
A glop of sweet pickle relish

Mix it all up until it’s a consistency and color you like. (In light of my earlier comments, it may not surprise you that directions like this usually drive me nuts, because I don’t know what consistency or color I like. However, I decided I’d just give it a shot, guessing about how much “a glop” was, and then taste it and see what happened. Turned out it was delicious without any adjustments! And that’s not just me saying that – I brought them to work to share and everyone wanted seconds.)

So try it out this weekend! Unless you’re coming to the same BBQ I’m attending on Saturday. Then just show up and eat some.



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2 responses to “Deviled Eggs

  1. You kept all the baking, I kept all the cooking. Let’s not get the lawyers involved.

  2. Maybe we should have these at Waterton…

    Carol Crocker

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