Prop 8

I keep thinking I should write something about Prop 8.

But what would I say? That I think everyone should have equal rights? That I don’t think sexual preference is a choice? That some of my best friends are gay? That I have seen same-sex couples who are happier, healthier and more in love than most straight couples I know? That I don’t believe gay people should have to deal with extra steps and measures (and costs!) just to get the same rights that straight people enjoy for free? That it makes me sick that some parents have to have a conversation with their kids about why the government won’t let Mommy and Mama get married?

Chances are, if you read my blog, you probably agree with me on most of these issues. If you don’t agree, I would be interested in having a (level-headed, open-minded) conversation with you about it sometime to hear your point of view. In the meantime, however, I passed this car on my way to work today… and I felt like it summed everything up nicely.


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