Graduate Students are the Worst

Blogging is sort of natural for me. I’m a very open person and a natural over-sharer. When I have a hangnail, everyone in my office knows about it. I update Facebook and Twitter every time something happens to me that I find remotely interesting or funny. I like to think I’m not obnoxious… more conversational… but either way, I never hesitate to share the sheer minutiae of my life with the world.

That’s why these last few weeks and months have been particularly difficult for me – I’ve had Big News in my life that I couldn’t share on my blog. You may have noticed I haven’t been posting very often? It’s been really hard for me to write about things OTHER than the Big News that’s been on my mind.

So here it is: I’m quitting my job and going back to school.

After lots of soul-searching, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I discovered Speech Pathology. It incorporates so many things that interest me – working with kids, linguistics, early childhood development, foreign languages – and also offers lots of different career opportunities. I’m particularly interested in working at a school with young kids, which also means summers off!

I know that life seldom goes as planned, and I’m not saying that this is FOR SURE the thing I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life (because who knows anything for sure?), but it feels like the best thing for me to be doing right now. And any step in the right direction is positive. So why not go for something that I find so interesting and exciting?

There are prerequisites for the SLP master’s program that I don’t have, so I’ll be spending the next year working on those. And applying for grad school. And taking the GRE. And trying to figure out how to live off student loans.

And then I’ll get to be a graduate student!



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3 responses to “Graduate Students are the Worst

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! I know I sound like a broken record telling you how proud I am of you for taking this step, but I am. If you need any advice on the GRE, or just the company of a fellow graduate student when all your other friends have shunned you, I’m your girl.

    And remember:

  2. Hooray! Not to just repeat what Abby said, but we’re really proud of you, and promise to keep being friends with you when you’re a grad student!

  3. Yay for you!

    One of the best SLPs who shares her techniques online is Jordan Sadler, her site is:

    And you can follow her on Twitter at @commtx.

    She wrote two posts for us at The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism about autism & SLPs:

    We also had another contribution from the wonderful SLP Judy McCrary Koeppen (who is online less but is just as awesome) on picky eaters:

    Good luck. (And I know that SLPs deal with more than autism. :) )

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