Life after Work

Last Friday was my last day at work, but school doesn’t start for 2 more weeks.  I played all weekend… and now I’m trying to figure things out.  Apparently I have to buy books?  And school supplies?  I don’t have a working printer, so I went ahead and ordered one of those… But what about getting to school?  My original plan was to buy a bike, but it turns out those are kind of expensive…

Anyway, after I figure all these things out, I’ll get to go play for a while.  Friday, I’m driving to Umatilla to visit Galen for a few days… then I’m off to Missoula to visit, play and laugh.  Galen will be meeting me there next Friday so we can go to the Homecoming Parade and maybe the football game.  Homecoming is one of my favorite Missoula events, and I LOVE parades.

In the meantime, my to-do list is getting longer, and my motivation is shrinking.  Sounds like I’m ready to be a college student again.


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  1. It was great to see you yesterday! Just my two cents on getting to PSU, since I did it for two years – Trimet. You can get a discounted monthly pass through PSU and it makes getting to school and back really easy, especially if you’re not in a time rush. I can tell you more about my route if you’re interested…

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