Immaturity gets me through the days

In my Anatomy & Physiology class the other day, the professor asked what the difference between “true” and “false” ribs was.  The correct answer is that true ribs connect directly to the sternum (breast bone) and false ribs don’t.  (They still connect, just not directly.)  When he asked, the girl sitting next to me answered, loud enough for everyone to hear, “True ribs connect to the scrotum.”



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3 responses to “Immaturity gets me through the days

  1. We made muffins with nutmeg on Saturday and now Theo keeps asking me if everything has “nutbag” in it. Mainly because I laugh out loud every time he says it.

  2. Okay, I almost spit my lunch on the keyboard over this one. The mental picture was priceless.

  3. Yesterday, I began a psychological assessment with an almost-12-year-old boy, and I’d brought snacks because, well, he’s an adolescent boy, and they eat all of the time. Given the choice between a red and green apple, he chose green. He rolled the apple around on the table for a few minutes while he responded to test items. Then, suddenly, he announced with a completely straight face:

    “I’m going to have to pass on the apple. I just remembered they give me The Farts.”

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