To Terrorize Y’all’s Neighborhood

I was delighted when my friend Kallyn asked me if I wanted to take place in the 5th Annual Thrill the World event with her this year. The dance took place in Pioneer Square on October 23rd. We prepared by watching the step-by-step videos online and going to a practice or two… Then, of course, came the costumes:




Dressing like a zombie was highly encouraged. I actually tried to dress like MJ from the original Thriller video, but this black and red Stolichnaya bowling shirt was the closest thing I had to his sweet leather jacket. I told Kallyn she should dress like the girl in the video, but for some reason she wasn’t super excited about the jean-on-jean look. Her costume was awesome, though, complete with fake blood running down her face.

With our costumes and our dance moves, we headed down to the square to do the Thriller dance with hundreds of other fans and zombies:

Galen and our friend Sarah came to watch the spectacle and take paparazzi photos of us:



It was so much fun! Although now I have a hard time hearing the song without saying the dance moves in my head… I’m thinking about practicing every once in a while so I can bust this out as a party trick.

Thanks to Galen for the photos!



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4 responses to “To Terrorize Y’all’s Neighborhood

  1. Am I glad November is back.

  2. Awesome! You guys looked great. Next year I want to go with you!

  3. Thanks, Dad and Jules!

  4. Jen

    We watched the video TWICE hoping for a glimpse of you. I suspect those crazies with the umbrellas were blocking the view of you tho. Thanks, Galen, for taking some pics so we could see Mego. And Kev says you’re totally going to have to perform that at a family wedding one day, Mego. Perhaps on the fateful day when Peter Bulger says, ‘I do.’ : )

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