Happy Fall!

Fall in Portland has been beautiful this year. We even had a few days this week with beautiful sunny and almost downright warm weather! This post is rather belated, but I wanted to post about the most perfect Fall day I had a few weeks ago with some friends.

First, we went to a pumpkin patch because, after all, it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers.

None of us were super into the whole picking-out-a-pumpkin thing, but my friend Kallyn is actually grown-up enough to decorate her apartment seasonally, so she picked up a few extra gourds:

The rest of us were really there for the apple cider donuts (AMAZING!) and the corn maze.  Somehow, our group of five split once we entered the maze.  Galen and I made it to the end and waited for Kallyn, Sarah and Ryan:


Sunglasses in October! Can you even believe it?

But apparently they were lost somewhere, taking photos:

Galen and I actually went back through the maze, from finish to start, and still couldn’t find them. Thank goodness for cell phones. I have no idea what people did in corn mazes in the 80’s!

Anyway, after our day at the farm, Galen and I headed back to town to catch the University of Montana v. Portland State football game. It wasn’t nearly as much fun as these games usually are, mostly because it was at a suburban high school football stadium instead of the usual field downtown (which is under construction for our MLS team in 2011). It was still a good time, though, and U of M won (in the last few seconds!), which made it even better.



In true small-town fashion, I ran into a few people I knew and lots of others I used to know.

The Grizzlies come to Portland every other year for football, and I think this was the fourth game I’ve attended here.  The other three times, the Montana tailgate party (set up by Portland people) ran out of beer early.  This time, there were only two lines for beer in the entire stadium, which were longer than the length of the field.  Apparently, there were also only two bathrooms – one men’s, one women’s – in the place.  If Portland wants to keep hosting the University of Montana, they’re going to need a cultural lesson or two about small town football games.

We had a great time, though, and an all-around fantastic fall day.



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2 responses to “Happy Fall!

  1. Love the photos. You guys are way too cute together. Also, I’m impressed that you mastered the corn maze not once, but twice! We tried it once, pre-kids, and got so lost that we finally just bushwhacked out through the edge of it!

  2. Thanks, lady! I do love decorative gourds. I appreciate your definition of my decorating as “grown-up” and not “ridiculous and unnecessary.”

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