Neighbor Noises

I recently got new neighbors who seem pretty cool (and social, which the rest of my neighbors are not).  The thing is, the apartment they’re renting has been empty for so long I never realized how much of their life I could hear.  When they close drawers in the kitchen or turn on the fan in the bathroom, I can hear it.  I can hear their music when they turn it up and I can hear their laughter when they have guests.  This doesn’t bother me – I usually have the TV or music on when I’m home anyway, which easily drowns out their sounds – but it’s made me aware of the noises that I make, as I’m sure these are not one-way walls.

Things they’ve probably heard from my apartment in the past week:

  • NPR from the shower radio at different times every day, depending on my class (and shower) schedule.
  • What can only be described as “psyching myself up” in the morning.  It has come to my attention that I say things like, “Okay, here we go.” and “C’mon Megan, get in the shower.” and “well, I guess I’m not wearing that” as I’m getting ready in the morning, by myself.
  • Really bizarre musical choices.  Sunday it was musical soundtracks, today it was Usher’s My Way album (circa 1998).  Who knows what’s next?  Also, I sing along.
  • I never realized until this week that I have a tendency to finish thoughts out loud.  I will have entire conversations with myself in my head (silently) and then at the end say (out loud), “Well, there you have it.”  Or I’ll search my apartment up and down for the shoes I want to wear and then when I find them but they have a bunch of mud on the bottom I’ll say, “OR… not.” out loud.
  • Lots of laughing at the TV or the internet.

And I thought the guy on the other side of me who vacuums every day was weird.



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3 responses to “Neighbor Noises

  1. Ha! I love the verbal psyching yourself up. I do that too, mostly since we had kids and I started the constant babbling at them :)

  2. Oh I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who talks to herself! My hubby gives me terrible grief because when I’m shopping, I’ll talk to the items on the shelf. “Let’s see…you’re an XL, you’re an L…where have all the mediums gone?”

  3. gem

    Haha, I never really thought about what my neighbors would hear if I had any. (We’re the only apartment on the floor. Although I suppose I hear the downstairs neighbor sometimes, but not enough to hear closing drawers or anything.) I guess the weirdest thing would be when my cat and I meow at each other… yeah, that’s pretty weird…

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