Hat-Knitting Frenzy

It’s been a while since I showed you some of my recent knitting projects (which I know you’re DYING to see…).  Just before my family reunion, I made a couple of hats for my cousin’s two boys, Liam and Reid.  The sizing was a little wonky, so Reid’s hat had to be rolled up quite a bit so it wasn’t covering his nose all the way:

My cousin Katie holding Reid behind Liam.

Liam being thug.  Or maybe singing Skidamarinkie-dinkie-dink.  Either way, Reid is fascinated by his hat.

Then there was another baby boom at the office, so I made hats for the two baby boys.  One of the new babies has two parents who are die-hard Oregon Duck fans, so I tried to make a pattern with duck feet in yellow and green.  The other hat has trains on it because, well, trains are awesome.

(You can see I’m still struggling with the sizing).

Then one of my coworkers asked if I’d make her a hat, which was a fun challenge!  A hat in a grown-up size!

In the end it was a little big, but I’m sure it’ll shrink in the wash.

Now I’m thinking I’ll try something different, besides a hat.  Any ideas?



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2 responses to “Hat-Knitting Frenzy

  1. Love the hats! A sweater is in your future…

  2. Those all turned out so fabulously! I think you should do some felting. I’ve been really enjoying felting slippers recently, and they’re pretty fast.

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