This year, I was going to do one of my annual photo collages, but some things are easier put into words.

I am grateful for:

The people who started as my coworkers and became some of my closest friends.

Homemade whipped cream.

Flowers, all sorts.

Family members who know me so well, sometimes I don’t even have to use words to describe my feelings to them.


Jeans that fit well.

Songs that cause me to sing out loud and stay in the car after I’ve already parked.

My “college friends” who I wasn’t friends with in college, but who mean the world to me.

Sunny days that make me feel like I’m glowing.

Christmas lights.

My boyfriend, whose love is always with me, even if he can’t be.

Craft projects.

Aunts, uncles, cousins and baby cousins.

Traditions, memories and sentimental values.

Galen’s family, who always make me feel welcome.

Ebenezer Ale.


Boots with the fur.

The wonderful people in my life who are patient with me as I try to understand the uncertainty that surrounds me and try to remember not to judge others too harshly.


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  1. And anyone who has ever read this blog. :)

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