There should be a word for that…

A lexical gap is an absence of a word in a particular language.  Recently, I’ve been thinking of a few lexical gaps in English that need filling (or minding):

1. Getting a song stuck in someone else‘s head.

2. Running out of interesting things to do to procrastinate.  Like boredom, but when there’s something you should be doing that you’re avoiding.

3. A person you’ve never met but know lots about because you follow their blog.  They aren’t a friend.  They aren’t an acquaintance.  But you know the names, faces and personalities of their significant other, children, and family pets.



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2 responses to “There should be a word for that…

  1. 1) ear worm?

    2) I’m sure the german’s have a word we could adapt.

    3) pretty sure the word you’re looking for is “Stalkee”

  2. I’m laughing out loud at “ear worm.” How would you use it as a verb? She ear wormed me?

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