Flash Mob – Holiday Version

Yesterday I participated in a flash mob at Pioneer Place mall downtown.  I’d say maybe 100-150 people were part of the group who was milling around in the atrium and upper floors of the mall when we all spontaneously froze for 5 minutes, then started singing Christmas carols.  There was an “official video” taken of the event, but it’s not posted online yet.  Until I can share that with you, I thought I’d post a couple of my favorite flash mob videos. Ours wasn’t nearly this good or well-coordinated, of course:

The Airport Greeters:

I love a capella singing.  I think my favorite part of this video is the “Return of the Mack” guy with the sunglasses (assuming he’s truly caught off-guard and not a plant). He’s so perfect for the song!

The Train Station:

It’s so cool how people go from being “stunned passersby” into performers in a moment.

One of the songs we sang for our performance was “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Of all the versions, though, this may be the best:

Official video coming soon!



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2 responses to “Flash Mob – Holiday Version

  1. SO AWESOME! My mom sent me a video of the Philadelphia Opera participating in a flash mob kind of thing at the Philly Macy’s, which was also awesome. Sounds like a ton of fun!

  2. So, only because of this, I just realized that Return of the Quack is, in fact, an adaptation. Uh, that is all.

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