The price of boots in China

I ordered a pair of boots on ebay a couple weeks ago and received this email afterward:

So… I waited for it to arrive.  When it had been a couple weeks and I still hadn’t received the package, I decided to look into things.  I googled the shipping status and found out it means “shipped.” Also found the shipper’s website (translated – thanks, Google!) and entered my Tracking number:

My boots were “finally” delivered to the United States of America four days ago.  I guess that’s good?  At least they were cheap…



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3 responses to “The price of boots in China

  1. The exact same thing happened to me. The only difference being I bought my boots off some weird website. Ebay seems like it would be more reputable. The boots arrived, but feel apart less than a year later. I hope you have better luck!

  2. Urg. Typo. It’s 6am. Gimme a break, ok? …fell apart. They do also feel apart though. So I wasn’t completely wrong.

  3. Wait, you’re missing the key part of the story here: let’s see the boots!

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