On this kind of cool date (3/2/11), I turn 28 years old. Somehow, this birthday feels like it snuck up on me. Normally I’m planning a party way in advance and thinking about what I want to do to celebrate, but this year there were so many other things going on (all good things) that my birthday has become a much more laid-back affair, at least in terms of how I feel about it. And frankly, it feels just right. (Plus, I have to save up some celebrating for my 30th, right?)

Please help me celebrate (even if you’re reading this post in 2015) by either telling me what you were doing when you were 28 or telling me what you hope you’ll be doing. I was thinking last night that I had no idea where I would be at this age, but I’m pretty damn happy where I am.



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12 responses to “Twenty-Eight

  1. When I turned 28, I had gotten married the summer before, and we were living in a fun two-story apartment with a miniature kitchen and a nice patio. I was traveling a ton and working a ton and loving it.

  2. Happy happy birthday!! Hmmm, when I was 28, Sacha and I had been married for three years and we were four months from welcoming Mateo into our family. Seems like you’re in a great place for 28 and I hope this next year is a wonderful one for you!

  3. One month after I turned 28 your cousin Kev was born. I was on work hiatus, but five months later went back part time in an important move that made a big difference in what I’m doing today. Taking a break was good and so was going back.
    Your dad? Wasn’t that the year he was draft dodging?

  4. It’s not funny to make fun of people with asthma, Carol.

    According to my dad, he was living in Montreal (I assume in his apartment with the giant spool for a table?) barely surviving off cheap cheese and wine… or maybe cheap wine and cheese… hard to know in Montreal.

  5. After you posed this question last night, I consulted my ever-ready collection of journals to find the answer. LONG story short: I was a friggin train wreck. You are miles ahead of where I was!

  6. Jen

    Hey Mego!

    Happy birthday. When I turned 28, I was engaged, planning my wedding, suffering through work at the newspaper and contemplating whether to take a leave of absence to go to photography school. There was lots of hand-wringing and tears about what was the right path for me. By my 29th birthday, Kevin and I had said our I do’s, twirled across the marble floor of the gorgeous George H. Peabody Library surrounded by our friends and family and driven across the country together for me to start photography classes, all of which obviously changed my life in major, wonderful ways. So I’d say that my year as a 28-year-old was one of the best of my life! I’m sure yours will be fabulous, too. : )


  7. Happy Birthday! I was living in Bozeman and Dana was my roommate. Chris gave me an amazing purple cruiser for my 28th birthday. I still have it and ride it regularly.

  8. Sally

    I turned 28 in the company of a classroom full of 6 & 7 year olds living in the roughest part of Spokane (Hillyard). I loved each one of them. As a celebration of the end of the school year, I organized the Junior Summer Olympics for all eight grades in the school: I designed Olympic medals from clay for each event and for each grade level, and painted them with metallic airplane paints; I ordered ribbons; and designed, borrowed, and set up the event equipment in a nearby park. All 200 of us (ages 6–14) walked the six blocks to the site, competed and then cheered one another at the awards ceremony. Winners stood on podiums, and all participants received a licorice stick for each event entered, invariably resulting in a huge fistful of bendable glory.

    I was 8 months pregnant; I waddled; and I was the target for the 7th and 8th grade boys’ snickering. Katie Q was born a month later.

  9. Tamara

    So… as I procrastinate at work and try to catch up on my friends blogs, I stumbled upon this one. For whatever reason, 28 is the age I still think of as my age. It’s such a nice, even number. It also has my favorite number 8 in it. And just happens to be the year I left a guy (who I’d let break my heart over and over again) at a Greyhound bus station during our roadtrip. Then, I decided to move to Portland, so you see it was a great year of growth and transition. Hummm, much like yours as you get ready to move to Seattle, in with Galen and start grad school. And that, is why I call it Twenty-Great!

  10. I’m 28 now (but I usually tell people that I’m 21…so shh!). I spent the actual day of my 28th birthday with my son. He wasn’t even a year old yet. This 28th year of my life, contrary to what I EVER believed it would be, has been spent caring for this amazing and unexpected person. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

  11. I should add that I turned 28 on March 16th, 2011 – two weeks after you!

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