My Mom, the Sportsfan

My mom has never really liked watching TV, but she’s really started getting into basketball (both college and NBA) in the past few years.  I love it.  Especially during times like the playoffs when she gets really fired up and puts her 13-year-old girl’s texting abilities to use.

Here’s our text history over the past couple weeks:

May 6

Mom: Lakers SUCK!

May 9

Mom: Is M Gasol related to P Gasol?

Me: Yes! Brothers!

Mom: M has his head in gear this game…unlike P yesterday

Me: M is also younger, better looking, and potentially more talented.  Plus he doesn’t play for LA.

Mom: Yup.  All good points.  But he is kinda tubby… I should talk!

Today, May 15

Mom: R u watching BB?

Me: Oh, thanks for reminding me!

Mom: Do you think Bosch is gay?

Me: No, although I never thought about it.  Why do you ask?

Mom: Weak chin.


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One response to “My Mom, the Sportsfan

  1. Love it!!! Have you seen this site?
    Maybe you have some entries!! My Dad just got a smart phone and is now constantly texting.

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