Veteran’s Day

Every year on Veteran’s Day I read my friends’ Facebook and Twitter posts honoring the veterans they know, or their own service, and I don’t feel like I could say the right things or mention all the right people if I tried to post something myself.  These people sign up for years of service, not knowing where they’ll be sent or what they’ll be asked to do.  In fact, they are committing to take orders they may not understand or agree with without questioning them, and to execute them with bravery, honor, and integrity. Just getting through basic training alone would be an amazing feat, and that’s only the fee for entry.  Some of them see and experience horrible things and all of them are forever changed.  How can you appropriately thank people for that kind of commitment?  

So I’m going to do Veteran’s Day the only way I know how: by posting a link to a great story.

Military service members are amazing.



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