Lucky Number 13

Well, it’s February, so it’s about time I do my end-of-the-year wrap up.

2013 was an absolutely incredible year.  On New Year’s Eve last year, someone made a joke about 2013 being unlucky, which Galen was quick to dispute, pointing out that he was born on a Friday the 13th and that the number 13 had always been a good one for him.

It was definitely a great year, and it was incredibly busy.  Here’s what happened:

  • Both Galen and I turned 30.  Galen would like me to note that I was 30 for 2 months before he was.
  • In June, Galen graduated from his MBA program and got to wear a big fancy silk hood.  He took a whole weekend off before starting a new job the following Monday at a company he really likes.
  • The same weekend, I had my graduation ceremony, even though my program technically went through August.  My classmates nominated me as our graduation speaker, which was an incredible honor.  After hearing me talk almost nonstop for 2 years straight, they somehow thought I needed a microphone and a stage.  I made some of them laugh, so I consider the speech a great success.
  • In August, I finished my degree and officially got a “MS” after my name, making my full title rather palindromic.
  • While doing my internship over the summer, I started the job hunt.  I was lucky enough to get a job at the place I really wanted to work.  It’s not quite full time, but I’m hoping they’ll have more hours for me next year.  Either way, playing with preschoolers is pretty awesome.
  • We got married!  After 4.5 years of dating, 1.5 years of being engaged, and lots of planning and organizing, we did it!  The whole day was perfect.  And now the adventure continues, which is really the best part.
  • Galen couldn’t take time off work for the honeymoon until about 6 weeks after the wedding, which ended up working out well since we both got sick immediately after the wedding.  But by October we were healthy and thrilled to go to the Greek islands for a week.  It was a quick trip when you take travel time into account, but it was so totally worth it to see Santorini and Naxos.   I can’t wait to go back again.
  • We had been looking for a new place since June, since we had outgrown our grad school apartment, but the rental market in Seattle is cutthroat, so we weren’t having much luck.  The day after we got back from the honeymoon, I went to an open house and loved the place.  We applied on the spot, schmoozed the landlord, and got accepted!  We signed a lease a few days later and made plans to move December 15.  We now live in a whole house!  All to ourselves!  The address is so easy to remember without apartment or unit numbers in it… It’s fabulous.  And the best part?  We have a guest bedroom!  Everyone make plans to come visit. We’ll be waiting for you.

So after a wonderful year that included big birthdays, master’s degrees, new jobs, a wedding, a honeymoon, and a move, I can confidently say the number 13 has been really lucky for us.  I’m incredibly grateful for everything we have.  Now I’m just hoping 2014 is really… chill.


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